Women Executives (WE) is a diverse group of accomplished women who support and nurture each other's personal and professional growth.

WE provides a forum for professional interactions, sponsors programs for professional growth, and encourages its members to develop their leadership potential and serve the community.  The goal of WE is to be an organization that is representative of leaders in the business, professional, educational and non-profit community of Charlotte.  Membership in WE is by invitation only through a sponsored application process.


A Message from our President:
Feel the Power. Strong connections. High-energy events. Significant service.

WE is back! Covid impacted our lives causing many changes, numerous starts and stops requiring us to navigate new ways to connect and we have found our new normal. While many of us continue to work hybrid schedules, we enthusiastically enjoy the opportunity to come together to engage with one another. I am excited about the WE year ahead. WE will celebrate our 47th anniversary this year and we have a strong membership of 291 members. Together, we can accomplish anything.
-- WE President 2023 - 2024
    Judy Wishnek


Membership in Women Executives is by invitation only through one of our current members.  The membership process requires that each prospective member be sponsored by two Women Executives members with a cumulative seven years as members of WE. In addition, both the lead and co-sponsor need to have been a member for at least 1 year. 

A WE member exhibits some, if not all of the following characteristics and must meet additional criteria that will be outlined by the sponsor/co-sponsor when a prospective member is identified.

  • Expresses commitment to and actively engages with and supports WE's mission and objectives.
  • Holds an executive level position with executive decision-making authority and responsibilities within the company or organization.
  • Has a demonstrated and progressive record of executive leadership positions and professional accomplishments.
  • Exhibits the knowledge, determination, integrity and strength of character which lead to success.
  • Utilizes her skills and experiences not only in her work, but in WE, business, civic, community or charitable organizations.
  • Enriches the diversity of WE in one or more ways (e.g., professionally, culturally, through accomplishments)
  • Maintains ethical standards which are evidenced by her behavior, her interpersonal dealings, and the way she conducts business.
  •  Acts as a connector and collaborator within WE.
  • Is a mentor and a role model for others.
  • Resides in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area.