Empowering the Future - Time, Talent & Treasure Making a Difference

Over $882,000 in scholarships have been awarded over 25 years of Women Initiating and Nurturing Growth through Scholarships (WINGS).  It takes a village and an impassioned vision of being a recognized champion in elevating Charlotte's economic mobility and stability of non-traditional female students in the area. We have made a difference and you can help us continue to make a difference with your time, talent, and treasure empowering our future!

Your time or talent could make all the difference in a scholar's life. The mentoring component of the program is what truly gives the scholarship wings with the mentor being a resource of encouragement, accountability, and guidance. As a WE Member, your time as a mentor will be cherished. Other WINGS initiatives where your time is appreciated is to serve on a scholar, selection panel, or participate in one of the scholar professional and personal development programs. Your talent could be just the skill we need on a committee! For more information, contact Scottie or Penni at

Your treasure through contributing to the General Scholarship Fund for scholars at all our partnering institutions, the Anne Doss Memorial Fund to CPCC scholars, or the WINGS Technology Enablement Challenge Fund, will ensure funding for future scholars remains stable and ever-growing.

Consider these facts in making your donation:
  • The cost of adding a scholar from a 4-year school is approximately $13,000 per year
  • The cost of adding a scholar from a 2-year school is approximately $3,800 per year
  • The cost of supporting 25 scholars through graduation is $280,000.
  • Scholarships can be used by scholars for household, transportation, and childcare expenses, deemed among the many economic mobility deterrents typically impacting the ability to pursue a higher education.
Consider being a Visionary Investor with a $2,500 donation in recognition of WINGS' 25th Anniversary or become a monthly contributor of $25/month for a total of $300 per year.

Our goal is to realize 100% WE member engagement!
70% membership donating and 30% volunteering and/or sharing network connections.
Together, we will achieve our vision of being a champion for
opportunities to increase economic mobility in Charlotte.