Giving At-A-Glance

A New Year of Giving - Making Futures Bright

In our second year of annual giving focus, we exceeded our goal of $150,000 reaching $153,349 in individual, corporate, and matching funds. Our 2022/2023 goal is $150,000 and 100% WE member engagement through time, talent, or treasure. Thank you to those who have already given! Keep an eye on this dashboard starting October 2022 through June 2023 as we embark on our third year of annual giving.

2021 marked 25 years of WINGS making a difference in non-traditional women's lives with the first of our graduates realizing their dream of a college education and degree in 1996. As first WINGS graduate, Teresa Shelton expressed, "I soar because I learned how to fly in the wake of those who believed in me when I had little belief in myself.  I believe my life is very different because I was taught how to fly from the WINGS organization!  Thank you!"

26 years of Impact - Empowering their Future

Since 1996, our united efforts have resulted in:
Queens University30 Graduates, 6 Current Scholars
University of North Carolina
at Charlotte
27 Graduates, 7 Current Scholars
Central Piedmont Community
20 Graduates, 5 Current Scholars
Johnson C. Smith University21 Graduates, 5 Current Scholars
Johnson & Wales University5 Graduates, 3 Current Scholars


$882,000 invested and countless volunteer hours dedicated to mentoring, committees, board roles, and scholar selection, events, and connections.

Amidst COVID-19, our scholars could still SOAR due to having the technology to sustain them, thanks to our Technology Enablement Program.

The cost of adding a scholar from a 4-year institution is approximately $13,000. The cost of adding a scholar from a 2-year institution is $3,800. Since 2018, funding 25 scholars has cost $106,267 annually with revenues from dividends, investment funds, and donations realizing $85,703.

Empowering Our Future Video Vignette
In this video vignette, you will learn how the WINGS Scholarship and Mentoring Program is truly a launching pad to our scholars to realize economic mobility, higher earnings, a circle of influence, and being an example as the first to earn a degree, yet not the last, as they have witnessed their pathway leading others in their family to higher education and opportunity. 

Giving them WINGS! Helping Them SOAR!

"WINGS was a blessing to me full of personal development, enrichment, and opportunity. The program's financial, educational and emotional support came at a pivotal time."
- Cheryl Moore,
2022 Graduate, Johnson C. Smith University

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