Catching Up with April Edwards (2018 Graduate)

To follow is an update provided from April based on a set of interview questions developed by Deborah Bosley and Heather Caudill and her answers shared with Deborah.

DB: Is there anything you'd like to tell us about you personally? (i.e. family, pets, hobbies, any fun facts)?

AE: Since graduating as a Wings Scholar in 2018, I've gotten married to the love of my life, and he and I are raising our boys in holy matrimony. I can say without a doubt God hears all his children's prayers, and though it was challenging for me to pursue a college degree as a single mother with 2 children, with God all things are possible.
DB: During your time in school and in the WINGS program, what were the biggest challenges you had to overcome to complete your degree? Can you tell us a story about an accomplishment you are proudest of?

AE: I was blessed to work a full-time job, attend school full time, and complete the required one thousand field placement hours for my Social Work degree. But, throughout it all, walking across the stage as a first-year college graduate was my greatest accomplishment and worth the struggle. I was able to start and complete a life-changing journey while meeting and being supported by some amazing women along the way. These women were not only financially invested through the scholarship program, but were emotionally invested in the successful completion of my long-term goal of graduating.
DB: How have you have been doing since you graduated, and how your career has progressed over the years?

AE: After graduating in 2018, with a Bachelors in Social Work, I went on to pursue my Masters in Social Work, which I received in 2020. Within that same year, I applied and received my LCSWA (Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate). I currently work for Hope House Foundation, a transitional living facility for women and their children as a Social Worker, I'm a Therapist for Within U Solutions and I'm also an Employee Relations Investigator with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.
DB: What advice do you have for future mentors and students?

AE: As a three-year consecutive Wings Scholar, I flourished under the love, support, guidance, and sacrifice of the women who dedicated their time, talents, and efforts to make sure another woman pursuing her goals would be able to achieve them. Future mentors and students, we can't live this life alone. Women have to support one another because a student today can be a mentor tomorrow. Every trial is a testimony and every setback is a setup for your comeback! 

DB: One of the themes for our 25th anniversary is a quote from members and graduate that begins with "I soar because....". How would you complete that sentence?

AE: I soar because what's in front of me is greater than what's behind me.